Originator of this site

Perhaps best known for inventing Hybrid-insights in 2009, while at IDEO. Hybrid, as in integrated qual+quant methods, is an approach to design research that is rich enough to inspire design and robust enough to inform business decisions. Along the way he learned a lot about what it takes to change culture and offers to embrace data as a medium to design.

In 2013 he discovered his affinity to identifying and formulating value propositions working for the SONY's Playstation launch of for established and emerging companies. Frequently paired with Business Design and Strategy.

At the California College of the Arts, CCA he envisioned a studio class called Designing with Data. Equipping future designers with the basics of measurement design, analysis and visualization.

Johannes is most excited about training, building and running design and innovation teams. Onboarding them to working agile and in interations through practice.

Besides deepening his full-stack design research skills, his passion is all there is to know about people’s relationship to money, Augmented Reality as a way to visualize data and last but by far not least, how to increase cultural diversity in design.


Organizational Development:
Building of design research capabilities / team through project based training
Onboarding to agile working through design sprints
Coaching design and data talents towards productive collaboration

"I feel Numbers!" Designing with Data
"How agile can we work?" Includes cultural, behavioral self-assessment
"Story meets Data" - a methodological journey of the qualitative and quantitative

Data Literacy for Designers
Integrated Design Research Methods for Design and Business Strategy
Concept-based Survey Design for Designers

Design Research:
Human-centered, market segmentation to gain foundational insights
Design-driven concept exploration, validation and pricing studies
Customer experience, prototyping and longitudinal study designs