Full-stack design research that is human-centered, data-informed and imaginative through design.
Intersections to create space for novel ideas
Innovation is not an intention but the outcome of crossing preconcieved bounderies of disciplines. Overcoming organizationl barriers and developing new ways of thinking and working.
Integration to supports ongoing learning
Research is worth as much as it contributes to a foundational organizational factbase. Integration of qualitative und quantitative methods is key to carrying emerging hypothesis forward. Vetting old and collect new questions one method at a time.
Iterations from discovery to prototype through design and research
Using design to move from the abstract to the tangible. Prerequisite for success is a dedicated team working agile through iterations.  Taking a bottom-up offer design approach is understood to be faster and mitigates investment risk better than top-down business strategies.
How might we make compounding interest intuitive to students when borrowing money?
Human-centered Design for Data
Work that used our understanding of data and math and translated it into an approachable experience. Student Project making the taking out of student loans viscerally truthful. Calculation of the slope and development using Glitch.
How might we use design research to avoid good design being axed?
Step-wise Value to Price
The hard work to measure the value that people see in a new to the world design was solved through a nimble survey sent to 250. The results would be a verdict for the design to see the “light” of day or be scrapped. The method applied was a phased introduction from concept, to function features to full concept. Asking about general willingness to pay, using Westendorp Pricing and ultimately ask them to name their price. After that we’ve revealed the actual price of >$100 with the question: Would you still buy the product. And 25% said still yes. Those 25% proved enough for the product not to be axed and
Data Stories Design is the space where I share content stories, observations, resources and learnings from my work as design researcher and educator to designers.

I've worked for 20+ years in strategy and innovation consulting, as well as . I did experience own start-ups and understands the requirements and constraints.

I would be hard-pressed to share what I do enjoy more. Human-centered
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